Condominium Real Estate Strategic Consultant

Linda Mitchell Young provides strategic consultative services in condominium real estate development throughout Toronto and the GTA.

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The only source of knowledge is experience..

~ Albert Einstein

Pre-Construction Development Services

Maximize value during your pre-construction process development cycle with LMMi, specializing in both mid-rise and high-rise condominium and purpose built rental projects.

Strategic Suite

Linda Mitchell Marketing is poised to play a crucial role in your project’s development by guiding strategic suite demising. With her vast experience, Linda ensures that the suite mix, sizes and orientations align with your project’s goals and market demands.

Floorplan Layout Development

Linda Mitchell Marketing’s expertise in directing clients and their architect teams on floorplan layouts is invaluable for creating living spaces that maximize functionality and appeal. Her approach optimizes the use of space while maintaining a focus on livability and comfort.


With over 40 years of experience in strategic development solutions, Linda is now offering coaching for the first time, sharing specific industry knowledge and insights from her extensive career.

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